Tuition and Funding


In all Domestic Study Away programs, including Twelve College Exchange and Historically Black College Exchange programs, students will be billed directly by the school or program they will be attending during their leave regardless of whether they are taking a leave in which their Vassar aid is applicable. However, all students are required to have adequate health insurance during study away programs. Therefore Vassar will bill you for the Vassar Comprehensive Health Insurance which you can opt out of if you have insurance through another vendor.

Financial Aid

Federal Financial Aid can be credited toward any domestic study away as long as you are gaining credit from a nationally accredited college or university.

Vassar Financial Aid

If you are applying for a program in the Twelve College Exchange or Historically Black College Exchange your Vassar aid will be applied toward the cost of their tuition. Students must inform the Office of Student Accounts where they would like to have their credit balance sent. 

All students must complete a Financial Aid Budget Worksheet.