Domestic Study Away

Vassar students may apply to study for a semester or a year within the United States or Canada. Such study, generally undertaken in the junior year, may be to take specific coursework at another institution, to gain a different scholarly perspective, or to enhance particular intellectual interests.

Domestic study away includes

Students applying to study away should work closely with their major advisor to determine an academic plan and proposed coursework that is an integral part of their Vassar education, whether within or beyond their major. The application deadline for domestic study away is December 1st in the year prior to the one.

Any student considering domestic study away should consult with Pauline Saavedra, Assistant Dean of Studies, in the Dean of Studies Office (Main N-128).

Pauline Saavedra, Assistant Dean of Studies

Dean of Studies Office
Box 5
124 Raymond Avenue
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604-0005 United States