Dartmouth Thayer-Dual Degree

Dartmouth Thayer Applications are due in the Dean of Studies Office by December 1st.

Vassar College offers qualified Vassar students the possibility of studying engineering through the Dartmouth-Thayer Dual Degree Program in Engineering. The Dartmouth School of Engineering offers science majors at other liberal arts colleges the possibility of obtaining a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in a specially designed program. If accepted into the dual-degree program, you spend your junior (or senior) year at Dartmouth College taking engineering courses not available at Vassar. You are also expected to take liberal arts courses during your year at Dartmouth, which can be applied toward requirements for your Vassar degree. You may earn up to 9.0 units of transfer credit including the engineering courses. You would then return to Vassar for your senior year to complete your Bachelor of Arts degree. If you are interested in completing the Bachelor of Engineering degree, you would apply to Dartmouth-Thayer for the fifth year of study. Successful completion of the B.E. degree would enable you to work in the field of engineering or apply to graduate school in engineering. 


The engineering degree is demanding, and taking six engineering courses in one year is extremely challenging. Before beginning your year at Dartmouth you should plan to complete the following courses: Calculus - multi variable calculus and linear algebra, Physics (two courses through mechanics and electromagnetism), one course in general chemistry, and one course in computer science. You should also take a biology course if you are interested in biotechnology or biochemical engineering. You should plan to have completed all of these courses before you begin your year at Dartmouth. Also, please be aware that applicants to the Dartmouth Thayer Dual-Degree Program should have a minimum overall GPA of 3.5 or higher.

To satisfy Dartmouth's pre requisites please make an appointment with the Vassar College Dual-Degree Engineering Advisor, Professor D.T. Bradley dabradley@vassar.edu 

Application sequence

  1. Meet with the Vassar College Dual-Degree Engineering Advisor, Professor Thomas Ellman as soon as possible for prerequisite, advising.
  2. Declare your major, (a requirement for taking any academic leave).
  3. Meet with the Assistant Dean of Studies, Pauline Saavedra pasaavedra@vassar.edu to discuss the application process. You will not be granted access to the application without an appointment with Ms. Saavedra
  4. Consult with your departmental advisor about your plans. This is important since your advisor will receive a request for approval once you submit your Committee on Leaves and Privileges Petition.
  5. File an application for the Dartmouth Thayer Dual-Degree program. Materials are due in the Dean of Studies office by December 1st. The written statement and the letter of recommendation can be the same for the CLP petition and the Dartmouth Dual-Degree application. The Dean of Studies office will forward all material to Jenna Wheeler undergraduate.engineering@dartmouth.edu by January 15th.

Application for Dual Degree

    • Application form
    • Written Statement
    • Resume
    • Letter of Recommendation (Math or Science professor-this should be a faculty member who knows your academic work) 
    • Current Transcript